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MCR Safety is one of the leaders when it comes to personal protective equipment.

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MCR Safety

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MCR Safety has more than four decades of expertise. Throughout these years, the company has been committed to quality as everyone in the company’s team understands that PPE must be reliable and durable.

MCR Safety offers products that keep people protected, but the company also thinks about our planet and takes steps to protect it as well. That is why, MCR Safety added eco-friendly and environmentally friendly solutions to its product portfolio.

The company offers a rich variety of safety wear. Each item is meticulously designed for maximum safety, comfort, as well as style.

On our website, there is a wide range of MCR Safety gloves, including cut-resistant gloves. Glove cut resistance is essential for many tasks, for example, auto parts manufacturing. It is important to know cut-resistant glove levels. There are 9 of them. Level 1-3 - light cut protection, Level 4 is great for medium-level cut hazards, Level 5 cut resistance is perfect for medium to heavy-cut hazards, Level 6-7 is best suited for heavy-duty & high-level cut hazards, Level 8-9 - for use in dangerous and extreme environments that involve cut hazards. Leather gloves offer a combination of protection and unmatched comfort.

In addition, choose from MCR Safety glasses, goggles, and safety clothing like MCR Safety vests, jackets, pants, suits, coats, FR coveralls (FR meaning: flame-resistant), bibs, and more. Get the best solution for your needs on Prime Buy!

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