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Litepanels pioneered LED lighting for motion pictures, television, and the audio-visual industry. The company started with the original 1x1 LED panel and today it offers innovative lighting solutions, such as on-camera lights, Fresnels, RGB special effects lighting, and cutting-edge wireless control systems. This is why Litepanels is a perfect choice for operators and filmmakers if they need reliable LED lighting solutions.

Litepanels has successfully leveraged innovative LED technology to create:

  • a lightweight, slim-profile fixture, making it very functional and quick to install;
  • a soft and HD-friendly light that can be infinitely dimmed without apparent color temperature changes;
  • an eco-friendly light with decreased running costs and less energy consumption.

All of these fit perfectly into the company’s 1x1 LED panel.

State-of-the-art lighting devices from Litepanels are chosen not only by cinematographers, the company’s products are used for the White House and Pentagon Briefing Rooms, the International Space Station, numerous TV studios, to name just a few! Furthermore, Litepanels was also awarded the “Technology and Engineering Emmy®”.

Today, Litepanels offers an extensive range of advanced LED light panels, including Bi-color, Daylight, Gemini, Soft, and more. Choose the best products at Prime Buy!

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