LEVEL5 offers professional drywall taping and finishing tools.

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Since 2001, LEVEL5 works hard to provide finishers with truly reliable and quality drywall tools. It is a prime developer and trusted manufacturer all over the world. A family-run business is based in Kansas City. LEVEL5 has been improving its technologies from year to year, and all this is done to ensure that your work is done well and efficiently.

LEVEL5 is renowned for its broad line of reliable products at the best competitive prices. At Prime Buy, you can choose from:

Skimming tools, for example, add extra benefits to your drywall tooling arsenal. Above all, the company offers automatic drywall taping and finishing tools that bring your finishing work to the next level.

LEVEL5 products put great value in the hands of the finishers. The products comply with the industry standards and fully satisfy customer needs.

Compelling design, superior quality, and best value are what you get with LEVEL5 tools. Choose yours at Prime Buy!