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King Electric offers exceptional-quality residential, commercial, and industrial heating solutions.

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King Electric is a leading North American designer and manufacturer of residential, commercial, and industrial electric heaters, thermostats, high-velocity fans, heating cables, hydronic heaters, and more. For over 60 years, the company has embraced industry innovation, building trust and delivering unparalleled reliability.

The products are designed with technologies that improve their efficiency and productivity and provide more reliable control. Its range of applications is so diverse that you will certainly find what you need. For example, King Electric heating solutions are perfect for warehouses, garages and workshops, individual room control, and so forth. They can be wall-mounted or portable. In addition, mechanical, programmable, and intelligent Wi-Fi thermostats will help maximize your heating solutions' efficiency.

Receive an unparalleled experience in temperature control and energy loss reduction with reliable solutions from King Electric. You can rest assured of its American-made comfort!

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