Kensington is a leading manufacturer of computer accessories and peripheral devices. The company provides both small and large businesses with high-quality and innovative products all over the world.

Since the invention of the first laptop lock, Kensington made great progress in this sphere. The company manufactures locking solutions that are compatible with 95% of laptops, projectors, printers, and monitors sold worldwide. They enable RFID, NFC, and Bluetooth connections to make the devices not only safe to leave but also comfortable to unlock. Some models come with biometric authentication systems, providing the highest level of security possible.

Besides security solutions, Kensington manufactures a variety of docking stations to provide portability and flexibility wherever you are. The devices are compatible with all main operating systems, such as Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. With up to 7 ports, they enable different connections, including Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB-A, and more.

Innovative ergonomic keyboards, mice, and trackballs are able to make workflow faster and less tiring, whereas qualitative adapters will provide reliable connections whatever the ports are.

Being designed with intuitive controls, wireless Kensington presenters are easy and comfortable to use. A number of models are equipped with laser points and up to 8 GB memory to store presentations. These devices will certainly make you more confident during the presentation as nothing can go wrong with them.

In addition, Kensington takes care of its clients, providing a wide range of products to make the workspace as comfortable as possible. This includes mousepads, monitor arms and stands, wrist rests, standing desks, laptop risers, and more.

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