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Since its inception in 1996 till these days, K-Tek has been providing sound engineers and boom operators with advanced boompoles. Why choose K-Tek?

  • It is a family business where every member of the team truly enjoys creating and producing audio-centric products for TV and film production.
  • K-Tek knows the importance of keeping a safe distance from the interviewee and staying out of frame if necessary. With this consideration, the company coped to provide a comfortable workflow for boom operators.
  • The company’s products are recognized for their lightweight elegant design, solid construction, and unmatched quality.
  • The Klassic Boompole development became the Technical Achievement Award winner. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded K-Tek in 1999.

K-Tek has boompoles for both professionals and entry-level users, for any budget and diverse environments.

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