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JK Audio offers high-quality TV and radio broadcasting products for the whole world. The company's audio interfaces have received many awards for reliable performance both in live streaming and backstage interactions.

The company is run by a man who has worked as a sound engineer in the most ambitious sense all his life. Joe Klinger, the founder of the company, knew how to create as an engineer and design from a user perspective. During his time at Bell Labs, in two areas, UI design and signal processing, he received patents.

Whether in the city center or in the suburbs, each part will receive a decent broadcast environment. JK Audio products undergo meticulous testing every time to prove their compliance with telecommunication standards, including global safety and emission standards.

JK Audio is always at the cusp of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology to make what you thought was once impossible, possible. The company’s products are characterized by reliability and durability. They are designed to serve you flawlessly for many years of usage.

JK Audio
JK Audio
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