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The name JBL was taken from James Bullough Lansing’s (the company’s founder) initials. JBL has been providing the music industry with high-quality and clear sound for more than 70 years.

JBL Milestones

  • 1969 - JBL speaker components delivered powerful sound for half a million people at Woodstock.
  • 1970 - 586 JBL speakers helped power Grateful Dead's Live performances.
  • 2002 - the company's engineers received scientific and technical awards from the Motion Picture Academy®.
  • 2017 - JBL presented JBL Fest, a multi-day live music festival in Las Vegas.

With JBL, you can create music the way you feel it. From iconic concerts to the world’s largest sporting events, JBL's award-winning sound solutions have inspired the most epic musicians, athletes, and concert venues. Wherever and whenever - you will always have a simple wireless Bluetooth connection, quality sound, and an amazing audio experience.

JBL manufactures an extensive line of top-quality Subwoofers, you can easily find them at Prime Buy. JBL Subwoofers - car and marine speakers, amplifiers - offer powerful bass and sound clarity.

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