iStarUSA is a leading manufacturer of industrial server chassis. Being a part of iStar USA Group, the company serves both big and small businesses around the world where dependable high-performance computing is needed, including data centers, servers, multimedia production, DVR surveillance, telecommunications, military, healthcare, cloud computing, and even high-end gaming.

Server chassis are metal cases used to save space, putting a number of peripheral or storage devices (e.g. servers) in one physical body. Generally, they are used in environments where multiple parallel servers are needed to work on a core business application. 

iStarUSA supplies top-notch chassis under well-known brand names, such as Xeal, Claytek, RaidAge, ClayPower, Acentsys, and more. Most of the products come with pre-installed bays and cooling fans. The company offers solutions in various styles and sizes, depending on the number of units they are able to accommodate. 

iStarUSA also provides server solutions in different form factors, including racks and towers. 

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