ioSafe is a part of the CRU Data Security Group, an industry-leading manufacturer of best-in-class data storage solutions. CDSG constantly develops fire- and waterproof technologies, producing highly reliable hard drives and NAS devices under the ioSafe brand name.

ioSafe offers a wide range of devices for large enterprises where data safety is especially important. Together with intrusion prevention, these solutions protect your data from fatal consequences caused by unexpected incidents, ranging from small leaking pipes to large blazes.

Developing and expanding their businesses, small and medium companies are also under the threat of huge losses owing to data corruption. With this in mind, ioSafe designed cost-competitive and durable solutions to suit all needs.

All of us have irreplaceable private data, including memorable photos, videos, documents, and more. ioSafe offers a variety of devices with comparatively small storage capacity but more than enough for personal needs.

At Prime Buy, you can find a wide range of highly durable ioSafe products to protect your private and corporate data.

Choose reliability with ioSafe.

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