Ingenico is a world-leading manufacturer of POS solutions. Serving in more than 170 countries, the company constantly attracts new clients with its cutting-edge products.

Ingenico manufactures a variety of reliable payment terminals, from ordinary desktop solutions to smart mobile POS that, together with a smartphone or tablet, represent a full-fledged point of sale system.

Ingenico mini POS devices are designed to provide flexibility and security. They can be easily connected to any device via 3G, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Wireless solutions provide mobility for both indoor and outdoor services.

Choosing Ingenico, you can get the most innovative solutions, including POS terminals with built-in contactless modules and barcode scanners, color touch screens, and biometric authentication capabilities.

All Ingenico POS terminals enable contactless cards and NFC. The company offers a wide range of multilane payment devices with a full-cover interactive multimedia display, signature capture, integrated keypad, and much more. They represent the best way to provide speed and efficiency at lane checkouts.

Ingenico manufactures a variety of card readers. Based on thin client architecture, they enable both Chip & PIN and Chip & Sign transactions. An EMV-compliant card reader can be connected to a merchant's smartphone and a fraud monitoring back-end. All you need is to download a PIN verification app that interacts with the back-end to check the smartphone integrity. This method ensures the same level of security as on an existing payment terminal.

In addition, Ingenico manufactures innovative Android Smart and ECR POS solutions that attract people with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. In 40 years of its existence, Ingenico has become a synonym for functionality, reliability, and security. Its solutions serve in a number of spheres, including retail, banking, delivery, transportation, healthcare, vending, and more.

Whatever your needs are, Ingenico has something to suit every taste. Find the most suitable variant at Prime Buy!

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