Icom Inc., founded in 1954, is a leading developer and producer of state-of-the-art communication solutions. At Prime Buy, you can find the company’s products for both commercial and amateur applications:

Why choose Icom?

  • Reliable. Over 60 years of engineering and production excellence is a part of every product. Icom radios pass rigorous internal tests as well as environmental tests in accordance with the US military standard 810 specifications.
  • Quality. Icom constantly improves its production systems, offering high-quality and safe devices. The company's products meet numerous International Testing Standards, among which are TIA, ETS, MIL-STD, FM, IEC. Icom radio equipment always meets its customers' needs.
  • Advanced. Icom contributed to the pioneering development of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) equipment and became a leader in the D-ATAR digital mode development.

The marine and aviation industries trust Icom, knowing that its products are durable and easy-to-use. Icom - the leading producer of innovative communication solutions.

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