HexArmor is a leading manufacturer of top-rated personal protective equipment (PPE). 

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HexArmor produces a variety of protective solutions. Cut, puncture, needle, and impact resistant hand protection is suitable for any kind of work. Being made of SuperFabric, an exclusively-licensed solution, these gloves are able to protect you against the most dangerous hazards. This equipment can prevent injuries and save companies money in medical expenses. 

HexArmor has a number of solutions to protect your sight. The list of eye protection includes safety glasses, gasketed eyewear, and some accessories for cleaning and storing the products. 

To protect your workers and yourself, you may also need safety helmets and protective caps. In addition, the company manufactures magnetic face shield kits, helmet adapters, suspension systems, brims, sweatbands, and more.

HexArmor offers a variety of body protection solutions. Arm, sleeves, torso, and leg PPE can prevent life-changing injuries and save your workers’ lives. The company produces a variety of cooling products, footwear accessories, disposable goggles, and face shields as well. Find a product for your application at Prime Buy!

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