All computers and servers in your office store and operate important private data, that’s why they shouldn’t be accessible to everyone on the Internet. With this in mind, Fortinet designed and manufactured a number of innovative network security solutions for you to create a defense system against computer worms, viruses, trojans, route force attacks, and other attempts to compromise your network.

Reliable firewalls, secure web gateway, application optimization, VPNs, Network automation, etc. eliminate all kinds of cyber threats, enable safe connections, and protect important data.

Data insecurity causes great financial losses, especially in the retail industry. With the help of POS systems, you operate sensitive information, including customers’ bank accounts and passwords, the main target of most cybercriminals. Fortinet hard- and software create a complete solution to protect financial data without efficiency losses.

The same situation is with financial services. Without reliable protection, your business is at risk of constant cyber attacks and intrusions that lead to money, customer, and reputation losses. Fortinet offers numerous solutions to prevent you and your clients from this unpleasant experience. Cutting-edge firewalls, gateways, and switches, together with user-friendly applications will provide the highest level of security without compromising the productivity of your store.

At Prime Buy, you can find a wide range of Fortinet networking and security products, including access points, firewall devices, IP telephones, switches, controllers, and more.

Choose reliable connectivity and security devices from Fortinet.

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