Fluke manufactures advanced test and measurement equipment.

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Fluke, founded in 1948, is a world-class company that contributes to the development of an exceptional technology market with its test, measurement, and monitoring equipment. State-of-the-art Fluke products are used for industrial electronics installation, maintenance and quality control, measurement, etc. The company’s solutions support many industries and businesses the world over. 

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These products are widely used by technicians, engineers, metrologists, medical device manufacturers, computer network specialists, the list goes on. They all know the importance of a good reputation, that's why they rely on Fluke products that help them extend their personal power and abilities.

Fluke has been supplying solutions to almost every market and industry for over 70 years and has grown from what was a small company to become a major industry player. The company is recognized for its high-quality and dependable products.

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