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Edwards Vacuum is a leader when it comes to vacuum pumps and related products.

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Edwards Vacuum

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Edwards Vacuum pushes the boundaries of science so that it can provide its customers with innovative solutions.

With over a century of expertise, Edwards is the preferred choice for many customers worldwide. Its products find applications in a multitude of sectors, ranging from power generation and steel production to the demanding environments of space simulation and so on.

Edwards Vacuum is committed to minimizing the adverse environmental effects of semiconductor manufacturing while striving to reduce the impact on the natural world as well as the environment for present and future generations.

Wherever there is a need for vacuum solutions, you can rely on Edwards. From advancements in medicine to the functionality of mobile phones, from the intricacies of computer technology to the quality of coffee beans, and from automobiles to chemicals, Edwards is proud to make a positive impact on people's lives.

On our website, choose from Edwards Vacuum pumps, Edwards pump components (e.g. cables, clamps, fittings), controllers, gauges, vacuum oil, and the list goes on. Find what you need on Prime Buy!

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