State-of-the-art microphones from Earthworks symbolize the pinnacle of technology and art in microphone design. The microphones are hand-assembled, manually-tuned, and tested to ensure pure and realistic sound. Whether it's a small audience, a big concert, or recording in a studio, these microphones are capable of reproducing a very deep and wide soundstage.

The company's microphones deliver the clearest sound possible thanks to the advanced circuitry and patented technologies. Every Earthworks microphone has the following features:

  • extended frequency response
  • fast impulse response
  • near-perfect polar pattern
  • clean signal path

The result is a high-gain microphone that offers clarity and resistance to feedback. All products comply with current standards to ensure excellent performance.

The vision of the company is to discover what a human being can perceive and meet customers’ needs.

The mission is quite simple, it has been fulfilled for over 25 years - to design and manufacture beautiful, easy-to-use microphones and push the boundaries of what is possible when amplifying, capturing, and reproducing sound.

Enjoy quality and see the fastest microphones from Earthworks in action - choose the right product for you at Prime Buy!

When sound matters, Earthworks is the best choice.

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