The widest selection of wired and wireless headsets, push-to-talk simplex and full-duplex systems with a built-in transceiver right in the ear cup. Working with such products enables you to effectively:

  • remove the problem of wire wear,
  • free your hands for more important work,
  • and allow working wherever you need while constantly staying in contact with the team.

The unparalleled Eartec headsets are All-In-One designs for both industrial and personal use. Choose from affordable, easy-to-use, high-performance full-duplex solutions for remote communication at Prime Buy:

  • Eartec UltraLITE 

always a high-quality connection with a system of up to 8 people and a choice of Single or Double Headsets.

  • Eartec ComSTAR

instant voice communication without signal delay. Each model includes the XT Com Center mini base station, which repeats the signal. Portable, available in two formats: Single or Double Headset; Single and Double Headset. Ability to speak simultaneously with up to 3 people.

  • Eartec TCS Wired System 

with this headset system, the company started its journey almost 60 years ago. Today, these are durable and robust wired systems based on the TCS power plant. There are two power options: from the wall AC plug and from the lantern battery. The body is made of impact-resistant ABS material. (Prime Buy offers you two models: Wired Intercom System with Single Headset and 4-Person Wired Intercom System with Headsets)

  • Eartec HUB - UltraPAK Transceiver models 

are lightweight and discreet beltpack radios for crews that require hands-free voice communications. It is possible to connect up to 9 people.

  • Eartec HUB Interface 

is an expander of your possibilities. HUB Interface allows you to add wireless UltraLITE or UltraPAK headsets to a wired system without restricting your movements. (We provide three models for your choice: Full Duplex Wireless Intercom Mini Transceiver Base, Wired to Wireless Interface Module for ClearCom or for RTS)

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