Since its inception in 1989, Pro Charging Systems has been developing Dual Pro marine battery chargers. These state-of-the-art products made the company broadly recognized across the boating industry.

The company’s commitment and desire for improvement continue to lead today’s marine market. Dual Pro chargers are still the most desirable selection for professional freshwater and saltwater anglers.

What should you know about the Dual Pro marine product line? Pro Charging Systems keeps pace with innovative technologies to offer its customers reliable and durable products.

The product will help you efficiently charge the main battery and the rest of the batteries in sequence.

This device will help the Dual Power series maintain balance through power distribution, resulting in better performance.

Over two decades, these chargers have been expanding the capabilities of fishing and recreational boats. The items go with 15 AMP Per Bank.

Popular among sports anglers, the chargers are used in many applications, including inland and saltwater watercraft, golf carts, and more.

The chargers are designed specifically for everyday use, that is, for runabouts, pontoon boats, as well as cars, ATVs, and other devices that do not require higher amperage.

With an accurate battery level gauge, you will always be informed about the charge state of your batteries, which gives you peace of mind. Easily adaptable to various applications.

Besides the above-mentioned products, Prime Buy offers on-board chargers, industrial chargers, battery system balancers, the Performance Series products, etc. 

Dual Pro products ensure longevity and great performance, meeting customers’ needs.

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