DT Research

DT Research is a US-based company established in 1995 in Silicon Valley, California.

The company is a developer and manufacturer of high-grade, reliable and durable software, hardware devices, accessories, and related products, satisfying needs of such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, education, transportation, retail, entertainment, etc.

Rugged tablets, medical tablets, and medical-cart computers are the main categories of the company’s products, but the list of goods is not limited to this.

Tablets are made in a rugged case with enhanced shock and weather protection. Rubber covering at the corners prevents chips, cracks, and damages.

Thanks to the ease of use and energy-saving processor, effective management and control are carried out at various enterprises, even in difficult working conditions.

Tablets with different configurations are presented to your choice, such as optional camera, barcode scanner, encrypted magnetic stripe reader, EMV chip-and-signature card reader. The distinguishing feature of a medical tablet is an antimicrobial coating.

A medical-cart computer is an important part of the company’s equipment. With its help, the process of optimizing the work of medical institutions becomes easier.

DT Research - Rugged computing solutions for vertical markets.

DT Research

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