In case you want the lamination process to be easy and fast, pay attention to Dry-Lam solutions. For over two decades, Dry-Lam products have been widely used in commercial, education, graphic arts, etc. applications. The company is committed to excellence, it offers top-quality products that meet today’s standards as well as customers’ requirements. All products are built to last.

At Prime Buy, you can choose from laminators and laminating supplies.

The Element series laminators are made in the USA and available in different widths. You can take advantage of an array of useful features for effective lamination. Wide format devices are perfect for rigorous day-to-day use in various commercial applications. Laminating supplies include film, foil, pouch options, the list goes on. All of them are made of durable materials. The items are competitively priced. Shop with Prime Buy and find the best solution for your application!

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