DPA Microphones

DPA Microphones is a renowned Danish developer and manufacturer of microphones with six decades of industrial experience. Excellent sound and technical progress remain the basis of every product of the company.

When the cinema market needed compact and easy-to-conceal equipment with clear sound, a remarkable technology for hearing aids was created due to DPA Microphones and Muphone collaboration. The perfection of this technology for the cinema market was in a small package yet the products provided a pure sound. The work on miniature microphones for headphones was crowned with notable success in many areas and market segments.

Five years ago, the company increased its budget to research and develop advanced sound instruments. Today, you can easily use the most comfortable and versatile flexible headsets, vocal microphones, hidden miniatures, to name just a few.

2017 marks another achievement for DPA Microphones in the form of a state-of-the-art preamplifier technology that decreases distortion and expands dynamic range to deliver excellent sound quality.

What deserves respect and recognition is the manual assembly of each separate microphone, which requires about 200 practical steps and about 15 calibration steps before being officially released for sale.

With DPA Microphones products, you are guaranteed to hear a true and clear sound.

DPA Microphones
DPA Microphones
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