DETECTO offers a comprehensive line of prime weighing products and systems.

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Did you know that DETECTO's journey began way back in 1900 with building and repairing foodservice scales? The company's history greatly embodies its decent experience in developing and engineering high-quality and durable multi-purpose scales. In 1981, Cardinal Scale acquired DETECTO.

Why choose DETECTO?

  • It is a powerful company with professional engineers that are committed to creating only top-quality products, giving you the best value.
  • DETECTO is an exceptional American manufacturer of weighing products for healthcare, food service, retail, shipping/logistics, and more.
  • It is registered with the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) as a medical device manufacturer.
  • Additionally, the company is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, and VCAP certified.

DETECTO has always been committed to quality, integrity, and business ethics. Accuracy, innovation, and reliability made DETECTO a trustworthy company.

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