Dayton Audio has a dedicated team of experts that prioritize technical excellence, product reliability, and consistent performance. With over 20 years of engineering experience, the company has earned international acclaim from the loudspeaker community. 

Use Dayton Audio products and experience uncompromising quality. 

Dayton Audio’s mission & values include:

  • understanding its partners' requirements;
  • designing with intelligence & passion;
  • using strategic planning for effective management;
  • employing environmentally-conscious methods of manufacturing, packaging, as well as freight.

On Prime Buy, there is a wide selection of Dayton Audio speakers, Dayton Audio subwoofers, Dayton Audio exciters, amplifiers (including the SPA500 subwoofer amplifier), and more. Dayton Audio strives for excellence in every aspect. Its products are made to meet and exceed your audio expectations.