Damascus provides the highest level of personal protection.

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With over six decades of industrial experience, Damascus has become a major industry player in the design and manufacturing of law enforcement and military equipment.

At Prime Buy, you have a wide choice of protective suits, gloves, and more that provide you with an exceptional value. The prime quality, reliability, and longevity of the products are known internationally. 

Why Choose Damascus?

  • There is no company on the market in this niche with broader collective knowledge and experience in the latest material, design, and development techniques.
  • From body parts protective gear like elbows, knees, thigh protectors, shields to full-body protective suits, all Damascus products are designed for your comfort and safety with maximum mobility.
  • Precise attention to the design and functionality, as well as the use of only high-quality materials, ensure Damascus customers get dependable protection for years of use.
  • Police, correctional, military, tactical, and many other markets trust Damascus for more than 60 years.
  • The company is dedicated to innovating and developing the next generation of solutions, improving safety, ergonomics, and ease of use.

Damascus is a deservedly respected name among many customers across the globe.

Shop with Prime Buy and find quality solutions for your specific needs!

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