Dakota Alert

Dakota Alert was founded in 1993 as a family-owned business based in South Dakota. The company manufactures high-quality motion detectors, outdoor video surveillance cameras, and roadway alarm systems.

Living in a rural area, it was important for the founders of the company to know who was driving up the lane. The search for the solution to this problem resulted in the creation of various models of motion sensors and alarms for roadways. To help other people monitor what's going on in their homes, and businessmen keep their safety and privacy, the family opened their own company called Dakota Alert.

For nearly three decades, the company has been successfully meeting its customers’ needs. The product portfolio is very diverse. You can choose an alarm kit used only for vehicle detection, a detector with a passive infrared detector, and a digital video recorder, as well as wireless transmitters, receivers, doorbells, and more equipment to ensure your safety.

Dakota Alert

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