CyberPower Systems

CyberPower, founded more than 20 years ago, is a designer and manufacturer of top-quality power solutions, such as UPSs (or uninterruptible power supplies), PDUs (short for power distribution units), connectivity and mobile charging devices, and backup power solutions.

Power is a key component of modern society. It is estimated that people consume more than 690,000,000 watts of electricity every second, it is equal to using a personal computer non-stop for over 2,500,000 hours. The world's power consumption is incredibly high. Today, almost every data transaction is done via the Internet. Most industries rely on data centers to ensure non-stop operation and numerous data analyses. Data is the most valuable asset for an enterprise. Data centers aim to manage and protect critical data and information 24/7. Power management and power-saving are critical for every business.

CyberPower is dedicated to providing professional power solutions for data center operations with complete UPS and PDU product lines. The company offers versatile infrastructure solutions for reliable and highly efficient power back-ups. To further protect each of the connected devices, CyberPower presents a multifunctional automatic transfer switch that provides reliable redundant power. CyberPower experts dedicate themselves to R&D to provide clean energy and protect the environment. CyberPower has developed the patented GreenPower UPS Technology.

For better power management and monitoring, CyberPower offers PowerPanel software to advance remote management and data analysis.

CyberPower strives to keep businesses online. The company cares about environmental preservation and believes in empowering people's everyday lives.

CyberPower Systems
CyberPower Systems
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