Countryman is a leading manufacturer of audio-visual equipment.

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Countryman is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing the tiniest earset microphones, lavaliers, and active DI boxes.

Why choose Countryman?

  • Commitment. The company’s journey started over 5 decades ago when the founder, Carl Countryman, was crafting custom gear for touring rock bands and performers. He was passionate about what he was creating. Today, the company is a leader in the audio market.
  • Professionalism. Countryman developed legendary direct boxes and ultra-miniature microphones that gained global popularity. All products are elaborately designed, they ensure excellent performance.

Why Countryman Audio Gear?

  • Isolation. Reducing the distance from the microphone to the sound source by half helped remove unnecessary noise, reduce ambient sounds and electronic noise so you are four times closer to a more natural sound.
  • Ruggedness. Stainless steel and aluminum bodies. Custom formulated scratch and sweatproof coatings. Aramid fiber cables skinned in chemical-resistant polymers.
  • Transparency. Comparing dozens of colors helped adjust cable colors to theater makeup shades, making them a part of the look. A low visual profile keeps all the attention where it belongs.

Countryman products are used in a wide range of applications: Theater, Education & Corporation, House of Worship, TV & Film, Installation, Instrument, and more.

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