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Core SWX is a leading supplier of top-notch charging solutions worldwide. Customer-oriented, the company constantly implements innovations to meet ever-growing requirements, struggling to remain at the forefront of the market.

With the passion to power the broadcast and filmmaking industries, Core SWX designed and manufactured a wide range of innovative solutions. With a capacity of up to 293Wh, its batteries are available in various designs and form-factors. Providing extra-long run times, most models come in a rubberized housing that provides protection against accidental impacts. Core SWX devices are also allowed for air transportation and featured with a storage mode to reduce the chance of the battery packs being delivered in a fully depleted state of charge.

Core SWX manufactures best-in-class chargers with dual and quad options. These user-friendly smart devices detect which of the packs has the most capacity and first charge them. Featured with a large color touchscreen, they provide you with complete information about the charging process.

The company also offers an array of camera batteries in various configurations that are compatible with millions of devices from leading brands, including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, and more.

In addition, the company produces a variety of high-quality accessories, including battery mounts, cables, power supplies, hubs, and more.

Prime Buy offers you a long list of top-notch Core SWX products at a bargain price. Its cost-effective, reliable, and highly efficient devices are designed to meet all your requirements, even the most demanding.

Core SWX

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