It has been over a century since Consew started producing its top-notch industrial sewing machines, as well as cutting and pressing equipment. The ongoing development and persistence made Consew a time-trusted brand. Its sewing machines are considered to be the most long-lasting solutions that stand hours of a continuous, hard run. Users all over the world are satisfied with their unmatched results and ease of use.

Consew developed unparalleled lines of Lockstitch Sewing Machines, Chainstitch Sewing Machines, Cutting Machines, Machine Stands, Ironing/Pressing Solutions, Miscellaneous, and related Accessories. Progress and perfect your business with Consew!

The company is moving forward and innovates its products all the time - from long-arm zig-zag machines for boat sails to extra heavy-duty machines for webbing. With Consew you can more than it seems to be possible - sew mattresses, shoes, sails, tents, canvas, and many other garments.

Consew is just what you need now and in the future.

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