Code is a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners. Specializing in this sphere only, the company made great progress and produced a wide range of solutions that are used in different spheres all over the world.

Healthcare is a sphere where errors can have life-changing or even fatal consequences. Code represents an opportunity to streamline the caregivers’ workflow, preventing mistakes, connected with mixing up drugs, or losing patient information. With cutting-edge barcode scanners, you get fast and reliable access to data anytime.

Code also offers an optimized line of industrial readers that provide the best performance on the market. Waterproof, durable, easy-to-clean, they are designed to increase productivity and improve performance.

Barcode scanners strongly associate with the retail industry and there is nothing surprising in it. It is hard to imagine a modern point of sale without a compatible reader. Here is where Code solutions come in handy. The company designed innovative devices that are able to make the scanning quicker, and the guest experience better.

In addition, Code readers are able to prevent mistakes in the sale of age-restricted products. 2D barcode reading complete with reliable software can prevent you from penalties and eliminate threats to your business reputation.

Code offers the only 2D Area Imagers on the market that are able to improve reading barcoded tickets and coupons from mobile screens using a patented glare and reflection reducing technology. These devices also enable omnidirectional, intuitive reading, making barcodes readable from any angle.

Innovative Code readers may be integrated into many industries, including government, hospitality, and more. Whatever the sphere is, Code technologies will give companies the best return on their investment.

1D or 2D, fixed or mobile, wired or wireless, Code barcode scanners give you an opportunity to increase accuracy and income, streamlining workflow, and enabling fast data access.

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