Bullard is an industry-leading producer of safety equipment. Being established in the 19th century, the company specialized in the production of protective equipment for miners, who extract minerals from the earth, risking their lives. Since then, the brand has changed the types of products manufactured but it is still known for its high-quality solutions worldwide. 

The job of a firefighter is one of the most dangerous and highly required professions. Thus, as nobody else, they should be protected against high temperatures, direct contact with fire, and collapse. With this policy, Bullard introduced fire and rescue personal protective equipment. This line includes cutting-edge thermoplastic helmets and hard hats that are exceptionally durable and comfortable to wear.

Bullard also succeeds in thermal imaging technology. The company offers different types of devices (e. g. QXT, ECOX, LDX, etc.) that provide long battery run time, high-quality image, simple operation, and extreme reliability. 

In the 1930s,  Bullard started working with respiratory protection solutions and since then has made significant progress in this sphere. Now it produces a variety of supplied-air and powered air-purifying respirators, respiratory systems, filters, cartridges, and more.

Being high-quality and easy-to-use equipment, Bullard products are ready to serve in any sphere where human health and life are under threat. 

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