Barco offers unmatched digital projection technology and image processing solutions for diverse professional markets.

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Barco is a Belgian technology company that specializes in digital projection technology and image processing solutions for entertainment, business, and healthcare. Barco perfectly implements technologies in the life quality transformation. The company transforms big data into knowledge. 

Make meaningful connections with Barco's cutting-edge product lines. At Prime Buy, you have a wide choice of:

Barco is committed to fulfill and satisfy all customer needs. All products went through rigorous tests and comply with present-day standards.

'Enabling bright outcomes' is Barco's unchanging strategy focused on the planet, people, and communities. Barco is always the best solution for smart collaboration, better learning, and great evening moments.

The company will continue to innovate and challenge old paradigms with new solutions that expand visualization capabilities and enhance creativity. It helps you get the most out of what you do every day. Thus, together you achieve better results no matter where you are.

Order everything you need at Prime Buy and enjoy compelling design, superior quality, and excellent performance with Barco solutions!

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