AVMATRIX offers professional video matrix solutions.

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AVMATRIX, backed by years of expertise, is recognized as a top developer and manufacturer of professional video processing systems. The company implements switching, encoding, decoding, and transmission of high-definition video signals using FPGA technology. With an advanced design concept and a wealth of practical experience, everything AVMATRIX does is aimed at constant improvement of product performance and customer satisfaction.

The company has its own expert team at powerful research and development centers that design and engineer quality video devices. At Prime Buy, you can easily find and order AVMATRIX's products choosing from:

AVMATRIX's innovative products span various areas of interest, including broadcast television, video conferencing, digital medicine, security, education, and other video applications.

AVMATRIX is a revered and deservedly respected name among the professionals and customers it serves.

Just find the device to suit your needs and shop with Prime Buy! AVMATRIX has a tool for every purpose. 

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