ATN has revolutionized the optics market. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art Night Vision and Thermal Imaging optics.

The company is committed to innovations. For example, the new Obsidian 4 core with a dual processor massively enhanced image processing capabilities and performance. With the cutting-edge Ultra HD sensor, you can magnify images up to 10x without sacrificing resolution quality. No more worrying about power management as you now have about 20+ hours of ultra-low power consumption.
With rich industry experience and a strong desire to produce the best optics, the company began in 1995, and today it is a highly qualified and trusted manufacturer of optics for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as law enforcement and military.

ATN experts are professionals who do everything to meet the needs of the client and provide them with the best equipment and support. The company is meticulous in detail. Its products are made from titanium, aircraft-grade aluminum alloys, and even high-impact plastic composites. Buying ATN products, you can work or do what you love in various weather conditions.

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