APG Cash Drawer

APG Cash Drawer is a well-known brand in the world of POS systems. It provides a variety of cash management solutions for retail, grocery, healthcare, and more. APG produces cash drawers of different sizes and configurations to meet its customers’ needs. Whether your business requires a heavy-duty solution or entry-level equipment, you can choose the most suitable variant from a wide range of durable and cost-effective APG devices. Besides general application cash drawers, the company has something innovative and even unique to offer.

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APG Cash Drawer

APG Cash Drawer

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Revolutionary APG’s SMARTtill Cash Management Solution is a breakthrough in POS systems. It allows retailers to support multiple tablets or handheld devices with a single drawer while maintaining cashier accountability. This system can help increase cash flow, cutting down the lengthy amount of time spent on manual float preparation, maintenance, and reconciliation. The system minimizes cashier errors and reduces cash shrink by up to 90%. It increases visibility and controls the money in the stores, cutting cash loss investigation time through smart data analytics.

APG Cash Drawer offers innovative interfaces to fulfill all needs. For instance, with APG’s BluePro Bluetooth device, retailers are able to synchronize and create a one-to-one relationship between a cash drawer and a tablet wirelessly. There are also Ethernet and USB interfaces that allow retailers to create wired and wireless configurations to communicate with their mobile POS devices.

The latest trend is the TabletPro interface. Connected by wire to the Ipad Lightning jack, it provides a simple, cost-effective solution to assist associates with customers while capturing sales on the retail floor.

In addition, APG Cash Drawer adapts devices, changing their configuration, color, and interface to fit unique POS designs and gives an opportunity to buy parts and accessories for the current POS systems.

Whatever your needs are, you can choose the most suitable variant for your company from a wide range of cash management solutions from APG Cash Drawer. Find it at Prime Buy!