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Ampco Safety Tools offers top-quality instruments for an array of applications.

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Ampco Safety Tools

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In 1914, August Littman discovered a new bronze metal that could cut steel. 

In 1922, the American Metal Products Company (which was later known as Ampco), manufactured the first line of aluminum bronze safety hand tools. 

The company is committed to excellence in everything. With decades of experience, its experts know what end-users really need. All products are designed to meet customers’ requirements and comply with industry standards. Most of the company’s safety tools are made in Texas, ensuring that customers will get quality and reliable instruments.

The company’s tools are utilized in many applications, here are just some of them: automotive, chemical manufacturing, mining, oil and natural gas drilling, pharmaceutical industry, and more.

You can choose from a wide range of Ampco Safety Tools products, including blades, hammers, pliers, saws, shovels, toolsets, wrenches, the list goes on. Just find the instruments to suit your needs. Ampco has a tool for every purpose. Shop with Prime Buy!

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