Aloris Tool Technology is backed by more than six decades of industrial experience in developing and manufacturing globally recognized high-quality quick-change tooling. As the world's leading producer of ultra-precise quick-change tool posts and tool holders, Aloris is in the continuous improvement of ideas and plans to provide companies and workers with the most helpful tools for the job.

Aloris revolutionized the metalworking industry when it introduced the first quick-change tool post more than 60 years ago. Since then, Aloris has been a benchmark in the industry, renowned internationally for its impeccability and consistent quality. At Prime Buy, we offer a wide range of advanced Aloris products. Choose from:

All Aloris quick-change tools are manufactured in the USA. State-of-the-art manufacturing methods, advanced technology, stringent quality control, and a dedication to customer satisfaction have propelled Aloris into a leading position in precision tooling.

Furthermore, Aloris Tool Technology offers an extensive line of cutting tools for both conventional and CNC applications, such as cut-off and grooving blades, knurls, HSS, carbide threading tools, and more.

The versatility and performance of the company's solutions lower the total cost of ownership, increase productivity and maximize return on investment.

Find the right product for you and order it at Prime Buy!

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