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Adlink Technology is a leader in embedded computing. Keeping pace with innovations, the company offers solutions for a variety of industries to create a streamlining workflow.

Healthcare requires high accuracy and quick decision making, thus Adlink produces a wide range of medical solutions that are able to provide advanced patient experience, reducing human errors. With cutting-edge devices, health care providers are able to concentrate on treating patients only, without solving frequent technical problems. Medical workers can fully rely on high-quality Adlink tablets, AIO PCs, surgical displays, and connectivity solutions to provide the best treatment possible.

Today warehousing is as complicated as ever. Thousands of different products are ordered every day. Adlink offers cutting-edge controller hubs, or industrial PCs, to store, share, and update the data in real time. Supporting numerous peripheral devices, including barcode scanners and electronic shelf label systems, Adlink computers are able to simplify the workflow of the retail and shipping companies.

Machine and factory automation is a significant step forward in industrial technologies. It allows maximizing output, improving cost-efficiency, and generating tangible competitive value. Adlink has proven itself, solving these types of industrial computing challenges and providing proven platforms to optimize operations while enabling a long-term vision of sustainable, integrated manufacturing. With a variety of Adlink award-winning frame grabbers, motion controllers, industrial computing and vision systems, fanless embedded computers, industrial motherboards, and peripherals, you can create a complete solution to boost your business productivity and increase efficiency.

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Adlink Technology
Adlink Technology
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