When it comes to ADJ Products, LLC, it is always about bright, entertaining lighting, LED equipment, and atmospheric special effects used all over the world. An international company ADJ was founded in 1985 in Los Angeles, California. With 35 years of industry experience, the company's portfolio is quite extensive and diverse.

Experience has a great impact on the quality and high performance of ADJ lighting products. These words are backed by the range of ADJ application areas:

  • The major large-scale concerts by Bon Jovi and Brad Paisley, Justin Bieber, Madness, Rihanna, and other great performers were accompanied by different types of ADJ lighting.
  • The company’s entertainment lighting is used by well-known clubs all over the globe as well.
  • Disneyland and the theme park of Universal Studios shine with ADJ products, too.

The scope of use has no boundaries for lighting effects, fog generators, LED ultraviolet lighting, mobile systems with a moving head, to name only a small part of the range. All thanks to the sincere commitment of the founder and the team to what they have been doing for many years, choosing innovative technologies and listening to the interests and desires of the modern market.

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