Simrad, established in 1946, offers professional fish-finding and underwater research equipment. Simrad is a globally trusted company, its products are used for a wide range of applications - from small runabouts to larger coastal commercial and passenger craft, workboats, commercial fishing boats, to name just a few.

Over 75 years of experience in the marine industry is reflected in the most forward-thinking and practically-designed marine equipment that you can rely on any time, anywhere. Such high-performance equipment gives you confidence and reliability when you're out on the water.

Prime Buy offers state-of-the-art products from Simrad. You can easily choose from:

The company is committed to providing exclusively high-quality solutions for every customer. All the newest technologies are given to you: from the company’s TouchSensible and multi-touch technology, which is the perfect hybrid of a good glass bridge touchscreen display and all-weather traditional controls, to its cutting-edge HALO Radar, and more.

Today, Simrad offers advanced auto steering, navigation, and safety products to meet all your needs. Find the right product for your specific application and order it at Prime Buy!

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