Emergency Lights

Emergency lights use a backup power source to illuminate key areas when other lights aren’t functioning. It is essential in many businesses and public spaces as a standard safety measure for emergency situations, for example, power outages and fires. These lights include an independent power source to keep them on if the local power fails. Emergency lights are generally used for common areas such as staircases, and fire exits, and on vehicles for emergency situations as well.

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Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

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Beacon lights are special tools for flatbed trucks used to warn other vehicle drivers of potentially hazardous conditions. The type and number of beacon lights a driver chooses depends on the load being carried and the amount of danger it can cause. 

Light bars are used to illuminate the area. They are more effective than other forms of auto lighting due to the spread and brightness of the bulbs. They can be seen on the roof of the vehicle, on the grille, on the outside mirrors, and inside the headlights and taillights. During emergency situations, light bars warn pedestrians and other drivers of the approaching response vehicle.

Strobe lights are used for various purposes. They may be used as flashing lights to create effects for a concert or these lights may also be used on an emergency vehicle.

Traffic Advisor lights are efficient police lights used to help officers sort out traffic chaos by using directional lights. These lights are essential when trying to move traffic on the roadway.

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