Stadler Form Humidifiers

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Stadler Form Humidifiers

Stadler Form Humidifiers are perfect devices to increase humidity in dry rooms by releasing water vapor or steam.

Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier is the best device you should get to prevent dryness in your house. This economical device provides precise humidification thanks to its hygrostat. The Oskar Humidifier switches off automatically when its tank is empty. It is particularly silent and has dimmable LEDs that make it perfect for bedrooms. The device has a memo function that informs you that you need to replace the filter. The Oskar humidifier includes a fragrance dispenser to distribute your choice of scent.

Stadler Form Oskar BIG Humidifier is a powerful device ideal for large rooms. This is one of the biggest devices of its class with a 1.6-gallon water tank and a humidification output of 24.7 oz/h. The evaporator has a memo function to inform you about the need for filter replacement. The desired humidity level can easily be adjusted.  

Stadler Form Oskar Humidifier is perfect for those who:

  • want to remove dryness in a room - to avoid irritated skin, sore throat, itchy eyes, and respiratory issues;
  • look for a device with an evaporation filter to prevent having white dust after using a humidifier;
  • search for a humidifier with an integrated humidistat for regulating the humidity level;
  • would like a functional humidifier with a modern style. 

Say goodbye to air dryness that affects your health - with a humidifier from Stadler Form. 

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