Speedir Thermal Camera

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Speedir Thermal Camera

Driving at night-time is quite risky whether it is in an urban area or a highway where you can notice wildlife wandering along the road, especially deer. Rain, fog, sleet and darkness may be prevented by using thermal cameras to keep the car, the driver and pedestrians safe.

Speedir Thermal Camera

Speedir Thermal Camera is a device that helps to detect wildlife or pedestrians to prevent car crashes. Machine intelligence helps to determine and warn the driver when his/her vehicle achieves a person or an animal near the road. Such cameras work according to thermal imaging technology to provide drivers a developed opportunity to drive safer.

How does Speedir Thermal Camera Work?

Speedir thermal camera uses a technology called thermal imaging that uses radiation technology to change heat signatures into images. Such technology differs from the standard night vision technology by sensing the heat of the object rather than picking it up on visible light.

Humans, animals and even vehicles produce heat, while other items or objects have their own heat signature and save warmth after the sunlight uptake. Speedir Thermal Cameras change these heat signatures into video signals, because they depend on the heat rather than light. The hotter the object is, the more thermal radiation it provides.

Each pixel of the thermal camera has a set of little measuring items that are called microbolometers that pick up thermal radiation. These items capture the heat and after that turn pixels into proper colors.

Speedir Thermal Cameras identify the heat by picking up different levels of heat-seeking light. Whether it is night time, dust, rain or snow, thermal cameras can identify an object that our eyes can't see.

Pros of Using Thermal Imaging Camera

The main advantages of using Speedir thermal cameras are that they don’t require light to work and they operate during different weather conditions. Speedir thermal cameras always show reliable clear images that identify objects with heat signatures.

The heat-seeking sensor on the Speedir thermal camera has an incredibly high range. Night Owl Thermal Cameras can range up to 3000 beyond the vehicle’s headlights. Such distances are really useful for the vehicle drivers to raise the reaction and not to face and injure the unwanted road objects. Al Alert will inform the driver at a distance of 400 feet

Range of speedir camera

Speedir Thermal Camera is like a brain to our eyes. While the heat-seeking system visually produces the object, custom Al software examines the image and informs you what it sees.

Users will fall in love with Speedir’s heat-seeking system for the opportunity to work in varied spheres. IR camera captures the signs of pedestrians, wildlife and other transports and objects in a dark light, long distances and bad weather conditions.

Speedir thermal Camera is a perfect selection for you and your vehicle. It is an important device for the pedestrians’ and your safety. With Speedir thermal camera you won’t expect damages for wildlife and vehicle crashes. This device can be used for full driving visibility during the low-light or in environments with bad weather-conditions; viewing fire sources or areas through the smoke; observing the overheating detail of the industrial equipment that is not working properly and for more other purposes.

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