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SitePro Rotary Laser

SitePro Rotary Laser is designed for precise leveling applications, there are models that can be used indoors and outdoors.

The KS Series rotary lasers are most commonly used for leveling, checking elevations, concrete forms, installation of decks, pools, drop ceilings, floors, and other applications. There are various models available, for instance, the KS100H is a simple horizontal electronic self-leveling rotary laser, the KS100HV is a horizontal and vertical electronic self-leveling rotary laser, the KS100HVG is a green beam horizontal and vertical electronic self-leveling rotary laser. It will come in handy for indoor as well as outdoor use.

The LR Series includes different rotary lasers. For example, the LR410H is a simple, single horizontal rotary laser that uses electronic self-leveling technology. The device is great for exterior elevation, level, as well as simple grade work. Another solution is the LR430HDV. This is a 3-dimensional rotary laser that features 3 360° plane leveling system - 1 horizontal & 2 90° vertical rotating laser planes. The device is compact and has a single-button operation.

Rotary laser kits include everything necessary to get the job done.

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