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Launch Scan Tools

Launch Scan Tools are used to provide vehicle data and trouble codes stored in the vehicle computer networks and modules. These scan tools are suitable for areas where the malfunction could be. 

The Launch Tech Millennium Master is a smart diagnostic tool based on Android OS. The device includes a 5” color touchscreen with nine total resets and thumb pad navigation. The Millennium Master Scan Tool provides OBD full functions that meet the market requirements for vehicles, and the basic fast-test functions for the four systems of the engine, AT, ABS, and SRS. Moreover, it frequently uses reset functions such as oil service, ABS bleeding, IMMO, TPMS, and more. 

The Launch Tech Gear Series Scan and Diagnostic Tool supports frequently used special functions, such as service light reset, ABS bleeding, battery matching, etc. The Scan Tool provides a smart diagnosis by reading the vehicle information, checking the diagnostic record history, and allowing the technical staff to track and handle the problem. 

The Launch Tech Millennium TSAP Plus Scan and Diagnostic Tool is a professional diagnostic tool that provides TPMS sensor activation, reading, and programming. It uses high and low radio frequencies to activate and read tire pressure sensor information. This tool uses the OBD interface to reset the TPMS modules and can unlimitedly program Launch sensors, covering major OE sensors.

Launch Tech offers top-quality scan & diagnostic tools and solutions. The company’s mission is to provide the most innovative and affordable devices in the automotive market.

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