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When it comes to security, you need to be 100% sure that the devices you use are reliable, otherwise, you can face an array of problems. VIVOTEK offers best-in-class surveillance cameras.

The MA9321-EHTV and the MA9322-EHTV multi-sensor cameras from VIVOTEK are versatile and provide high-resolution images. The devices feature remote focus, Supreme Night Visibility (SNV) technology, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Pro, Smart Stream III. The MS9321-EHV multi-sensor camera features 180° Panoramic View, Smart IR II, Smart Stream III, WDR Pro, and SNV. The cameras are weather- and vandal-proof.

Let’s look at some of the above-mentioned features a bit closer.

Nighttime is always a challenge for a lot of cameras. Thanks to VIVOTEK's Supreme Night Visibility technology, you get top-quality full-color surveillance video even in poor lighting conditions, whether it is street-level surveillance or dark indoor environments (e.g. warehouses).

Supreme Night Visibility technology

VIVOTEK’s Wide Dynamic Range technology is designed to extend image visibility under high-contrast lighting scenes. In addition, object identification in critical surveillance scenarios is improved. Cameras with such technology are great for ATMs, building entrances, transportation facilities, the list goes on.

Wide Dynamic Range technology

VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream is an advanced video encoder enhancement that is compatible with both H.264 and H.265 standards. With Smart Stream III, bandwidth consumption is reduced while retaining the same image quality. In addition, there is a lower bandwidth in various poor lighting conditions. On top of that, storage consumption is also reduced.

MA9321-EHTV and MA9322-EHTV

In case you are in search of multi-sensor network cameras with adjustable views, keep reading. Each of the MA9321-EHTV and the MA9322-EHTV is equipped with four imagers along a special circular track. You can easily pan, tilt, and rotate all four imagers. These cameras are versatile and suitable for many applications (e.g. traffic monitoring, hallways, lobbies, and more).

Vivotek, MA9321-EHTV


If you need a 180° panoramic solution, pay attention to the MS9321-EHV. It offers day and night video thanks to four image sensors that are stitched together so you get the longest range coverage. Enjoy almost no loss of angles for blind spots, capture the event as fully as possible! This camera is ideal for retail, education, transport, etc.

Vivotek, MS9321-EHV

No matter which VIVOTEK camera you choose, you can be confident in its quality. All you need to do is find the best device for your application.
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