Gentec Cutting Torch Kits

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Gentec Cutting Torch Kits

Gentec Cutting Torch Kits are designed for all applications of machine cutting. There are different versions of the torch that can be used with various fuel gases, such as Acetylene, Propane, Gas, Propylene, and MAPP (Methylacetylene-Propadiene Propane).

Gentec Compact Cutting Torch Kit is a piece of equipment that helps you to work in tight spaces and do more precise work. This Torch Kit has a compact, chrome-plated brass torch handle with stainless steel internal tubing and copper tips providing durability for your work. Compact Torch Kits include fitting adaptors for light- & medium-duty regulators. The tool can be used with Oxy-Acetylene, Oxy-Propane, or Oxy-MAPP gases.

Gentec Cutting Torch Kit with Flashback Arrestors is ideal for industrial & commercial applications. The device is equipped with flashback arrestors that are used to prevent personal injury and damage to equipment from severe flashbacks. Gentec Flashback Arrestors are designed for regulators, torches, and pipes and shouldn’t be confused with a non-return valve, which has no particular flame-stopping properties.

Gentec Propane Small Torch Kit is a lightweight and durable piece of equipment that provides precision flame adjustment and regulation for soldering and brazing jobs on small parts or in hard-to-access spaces. The Small Torch Kit is ideal for craft, glass blowing, electronic repair and manufacturing, light-duty metal sculpture, and HVAC/R repair.

Gentec is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pressure regulators, fittings, valves, cutting torches, welding, and various gas control and handling equipment. Choose from the best Gentec Cutting Torch Kits on Prime Buy!

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