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The fact that our eyes are poorly adapted to seeing in the dark has grieved humanity throughout its entire existence. We are not abandoning attempts to improve portable light sources - torches, candles, oil burners, kerosene lamps, and, finally, flashlights. Technological progress in this area moves forward by leaps and bounds, and over the past few years, a large number of models that radically surpass their predecessors have appeared.

FoxFury - a leading manufacturer of lighting products that deliver an unmatched experience for numerous industries and spheres. Only the most advanced OSRAM LED technologies are used in FoxFury production. With its comprehensive range of products, the company has something to suit every application.

Traveling, hiking, hunting, or fishing - you will definitely need a flashlight, indispensable for most on-the-road or in-home applications. Moreover, for many professionals, portable lights are the must-have in their everyday routine. But every application has its own peculiarities. To that end, FoxFury offers lighting solutions in a variety of types and designs to fulfill every need the user may have.

Helmet Lights

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Headlamps are incredibly handy as they keep your hands free. They are used not only by miners but also by anglers, tourists, cavers, cyclists, and skiers. Could not but mention firefighters, who are in extreme need of high-quality and durable lighting solutions. Helmet lights are best suited for structural firefighting, like in-night search and rescue missions, along with general area illumination for the industrial market. Together with rightangle lights, they combine the brightest, most durable safety lighting products on the market for a great price. See clearly and be seen in the fiercest of structure fire conditions with FoxFury advanced helmet lights.

Right Angle Lights

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Flashlights have been the norm in lighting for decades. They're easy to hold, you point them wherever you want, and they have a nice narrow beam that's good for searching. Right angle lights are similar to standard flashlights, but the difference is that the head is positioned at a 90° angle from the handle so it can be attached to the body at a lower profile position. They are ideal for work and personal use for 10-50 feet away searching.

Shield Lights

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Is your team equipped with the right safety lighting? A strobe-capable shield light provides military special operations, SWAT teams, law enforcement and tactical officers with panoramic lighting to see and respond faster.

Give your team the tools they need to safely subdue any high-risk situation.

NOMAD multi-use light

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At night, the environment includes an additional level of risk due to the lack of light. Many fire departments and law enforcement opt to equip their apparatus with auxiliary Scene Lighting instruments to increase visibility and limit the risks associated with low light levels.

The NOMAD multi-use light is proving to be the light of choice for E.M.S., event site operators, and firefighters - to name just a few. It is the brightest stand-alone portable light for situations where mobility and durability are key. Best suited for on-site photography and filming, as well as running and gun production, documentaries, and interviews at events and in the field. It is also versatile for use in treatment areas from the MCI area to intravenous infusion and field surgical procedures.

Clip Lights

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The Scout Clip Light comes in white and white & red LEDs variation. It is a versatile clip light that serves as a utility light, task light, searchlight, and much more. Its rugged construction is easily applied to all weather conditions and is fully submersible. The Scout models have a secure J-Clip that enables multi-wear use options. The light runs on 3 AA batteries and can provide 65 lumens for up to 50 hours.

Recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance quality lighting equipment, FoxFury supplies the market with superior solutions, constantly improving its devices to fulfill even the most demanding customer requirements. The company is known and trusted by fire departments, EMS professionals, and other public safety agencies worldwide. Its product line includes a broad range of drone lights, angle lights, helmet lights, battery chargers, and more. At Prime Buy, we offer a broad range of FoxFury lights to provide you with dependable and quality solutions, helping you live with peace of mind and work with confidence.