Choose the Best Work Gloves

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Choose the Best Work Gloves

An ideal pair of work gloves will offer you to cope with the tough work without suffering from the painful reminders of your day’s labor. This means that when you have a quite simple task to move snow or soggy leaves off the walkway or something quite tough such as building something, don’t start the work without equipment that will protect your hands.

Work Gloves are types of safety equipment and to select proper gloves you have to pay attention to the manuals that inform you about features that help to choose the best pair of safety equipment.

Types Of Work Gloves

Work gloves are produced in a wide selection of several materials and styles. Each pair of Work Gloves match several working responsibilities. Furthermore, it is critical to get various types of Work Gloves, to operate all the types of work responsibilities in a house or yard. There is a list of Work Gloves that match specific types of work.

All Leather Work Gloves

All Leather

The Work Gloves that are produced of leather provide high protection to your hands during heavy-duty operations like metalworking, handling extremely hot or cold objects, or dealing with electrical repairings and installations.

All-Leather Work Gloves offer ideal protection against temperature extremes, electrical shocks, abrasions, and cuts and prevent your skin from getting oil and chemical injuries.

The Work Gloves are commonly produced of cowhide, however, you may also get gloves that are manufactured of pig- or sheepskin as well. Split leather is the most waterproof material. You may also get the grain leather which is milder and smoother and offers quite convenient work.

Latex work gloves

Latex and Nitrile

Latex or Nitrile Work Gloves are lightweight and provide easy movement of your fingers and palms. Nitrile is a synthetic type of latex and is used by those with latex allergies. Both materials also provide a slightly tacky grab that allows it easier to hold onto wet and smooth areas. However, latex and nitrile work gloves provide not ideal protection from blisters or scrapes. These Work Gloves perfectly match the work such as pulling weeds, potting plants, or the operations with chemical cleaning solutions.

Leather palm work gloves

Leather Palm

Such types of Work Gloves contain natural or synthetic leather across the palm and fingers and heavy fabric on the back of the hand. These gloves make your movements more effortless than the other leather gloves do. However, they still offer you high resistance from blisters, extreme temperatures, and damages from the tasks such as doing yard work or using power tools.

Knit Gloves


Knit Work Gloves are light and commonly manufactured of cotton or cotton/poly blend. This type of gloves is stretchy and very easy to put on. The Knit Work Gloves are used during the painting, yard work, and making household repairings. They may also preserve your hands from blisters and scrapes.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Work Gloves

The major aspects that you should watch out for are the norms and requirements that are met by Work Gloves manufacturers. This will help to protect your hands from injuries during the DIY work and everyday operations in the yard or at home. There are more significant aspects to consider when choosing the best work gloves.

Work Gloves For Women and Men

To Tell the truth, there is no variation between gloves for women and men despite the size and fit. Women’s sizes of Work Gloves are commonly smaller in S to L, while the men’s are rather bigger and come in S to 3XL sizes.

However, several brands manufacture Work Gloves in unisex sizing that are quite bigger than the optimal for you. This means that they try to size their Work Glove a bit bigger to adapt to men’s sizes. There are also available kids' sizes. For instance, several brands produce Work Gloves in one size for kids under the age of  8.

Size Options

There may be some Work Gloves that are too tight and inconvenient for the work and block free movement with your hands. Too loose slip and slide Work Gloves may be dangerous to use as they may annoy and bring some toughies during the work. Perfect Work Gloves have to fit snugly around fingers and the palm. They shouldn’t squeeze, rub or pinch.

Several Work Gloves are produced in a wide range of sizes. They may be from small to extra-large sized. These sizes depend on the measurement taken across your palm at the base of your fingers, without including the thumb. Note that there is no standard size. Be sure to measure your hand and check the description of the product.


Hand protection is an essential priority during the work you are going to do. Whether it is yard work, plowing snow, or repairing something at home or garage, Work Gloves should be high-quality and durable to prevent your hands from getting injured.

For instance, for heavy-duty tasks, you will need Work Gloves that protect your hand from harmful materials, cuts, and abrasions. Mechanics Work Gloves are generally waterproof, resistant to cuts, scratches, oils, corrosive materials and protect from extreme temperatures.


Work Gloves have to be functional, offering hands free movements instead of getting caught on sharp edges and dropping tools. Work Gloves flexibility will allow you to take tools, big items, and other objects with a feeling that your hands aren’t in gloves. 

The material of the Work Gloves impacts the grab on the fingers and palm of the gloves. Some gloves have a specific layer that allows increasing and control of dexterity.

Dexterity and Comfort

The other main features that you should pay attention to are dexterity and comfort. Too large size of the Work Glove disturbs the proper working conditions. However, Work Gloves that are too small will trap the heat in your hand, thus reducing heat retention.

Many brands provide sizing charts to allow you to choose the proper size of the Work Gloves for you. These charts are very helpful but pay attention that several brands have different sizing charts. For instance, in one brand’s chart, your perfect size is “medium” and the chart of the other brand shows that your ideal size is “small”.

Additional Features

As you already know, the materials of the Work Gloves impact the type of work you are going to do. Other features may also influence your work.

Most canvas Work Gloves contain a knit or rubbery cuff that allows for keeping out moisture and dirt. Furthermore, there are Work Gloves that have open cuffs that offer easy slipping of the gloves on and off. Lighter leather Work Gloves also have open cuffs, but with elastic running around the palm, thus offering protection from moisture, dirt, and dust still providing free movement.

Several brands manufacture Fabric Work Gloves with a nitrile or polyurethane coating across the palm and finger that provide high-quality protection from gardening injuries, painting, etc.

There are also available Leather Work Gloves with extra padding in the palms that match the jobs that cause a lot of vibration and shock to the hands with the use of hammers, chainsaws, or digging out hard and rocky soils. This padding allows preventing shockwaves that could cause wrist or hand injuries.

Top Picks

We have selected several types of brands that manufacture Work Gloves according to the features we described above. There are multiple Work Gloves on the market that are worth making your job more convenient, easier, and safer.

Mechanix Wear MG4X-75-008

Mechanix Wear MG4X-75-008

Mechanix Wear MG4X Work Gloves ensure their quality with durability and maximum abrasion and tear resistance. These Work Gloves are definitely machine washable. Mechanix Wear MG4X Work Gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather that will provide maximum durability thus making these gloves as practical as possible.


  • The synthetic leather on the palm provides maximum tear and abrasion resistance to standard synthetic gloves;
  • Form-fitting material allows for keeping hands cool and in comfort;
  • Thermal plastic rubber closure with hook and loop, thus offering a secure fit;
  • Machine Washable;
  • Reinforcement panels offer added durability

Wells Lamont Deerskin Driver Gloves

Wells Lamont 962-L

Wells Lamont Deerskin Driver Gloves offer top-quality control. These features offer to prevent hand fatigue, thus increasing gloves flexibility, making greater control when handling to improve free movements.


  • Deerskin provides high natural tensile strength;
  • Keystone thumb offers maximum flexibility;
  • Elastic shirred back;
  • Gunn cut;
  • Bound hem.

HexArmor 5033-M (8)

HexArmor 5033-M (8)

HexAmor provides the strongest, toughest, and most resilient Safety Work Gloves. These Work Gloves were produced to offer protection from extreme hazards and made with technologies that provide an industry-leading cut and industrial puncture resistance.


  • Made of the SuperFabric material for the maximum cut resistance.
  • Provide innovative puncture protection from wires, metal, wood, and glass.
  • Cut and abrasion-resistant knuckle patch.

Ironclad SDX2P-03-M

Ironclad SDX2P-03-M

Ironclad Protective Work Gloves are designed to provide maximum hand protection. With the use of developed materials and improved techniques, these Work Gloves offer the highest cut and abrasion resistance that provide globally patented impact protection.


  • Developed, high dexterity synthetic Palm;
  • Cut resistant palm liner;
  • Breathable Nylon Back of hand;
  • Thumb saddle reinforcement;
  • Patented Impact Protection.

OccuNomix 426-M

OccuNomix 426-M

OccuNomix Work Gloves provide maximum vibration and impact protection. These Work Gloves contain embossed rubber on the back of the hand and stretch and high-quality leather that is a perfect material for the work with heavy industrial power tools.


  • Stretch Spandex and Leather;
  • Embossed rubber back;
  • Visco polymer padding.

MCR Safety 3130L

MCR Safety 3130L

MCR Safety split leather Work Gloves offer a good balance between abrasion resistance, dexterity, durability, and convenience. The Work Gloves are made of split cowhide leather with a shirred elastic back and keystone thumb.

Ansell 103360

Ansell 103360

Ansell Polyurethane Work Gloves offer dexterity and an easy grab for a wide range of jobs. These Gloves provide maximum tactile sensitivity in the finger area. They fit ideally and offer high productivity. Breathable nylon liner boosts the employee's acceptance and safety compliance.